Episode #15: Matt Lynch

convo pieces pic matt

Episode 15: Europe trip bric a brac, chili fixins, celebrity endorsed ER dvd box

Art Zone’s resident movie whiz/malcontent Matt Lynch stops by to share a DVD box that’s been signed by a mega-watt celebrity, Travis brings some food that’s not ready to eat yet but still contains STORIES, while Kevin shares a king’s ransom in Euro-trip crapola. Bridges are crossed and souls are unburdened.

Episode #14: Dawn Cerny

Convo Pieces pic dawn

Episode 14: Crazy new age cult blanket, video game script written by children, homemade bowls

Our spesh guest, the amazing artist Dawn Cerny, brings a super weird blanket with a super weird history (hint: cults), Travis brings some rather personal glass bowls and Kevin brings a script for a food-related video game that he wrote when he was a child. You can’t make this stuff up. And if you could–why would you?

Episode #13: Jensen Ward

Convo Pieces Pic Jensen

Episode 13: Chick tract, scary baby-eating Dinosaur cards, giant wooden tooth of mystery

Spesh guest, metalhead Jensen Ward, brings a large wooden tooth with a surprise inside (a SEXY surprise!), Kevin brings some super fucked up Dinosaurs Attack trading cards and Travis brings a classic Chick Tract, which leads to us all converting to fundamentalist Christianity. It’s a real whirlwind!

Episode #12: Celene Ramadan

convo pieces pic celene

Episode 12: broken VHS tape, hamburger head thing, Hillary Clinton scare mask

Spesh guest Celene Ramadan brings a Halloween mask of some political significance and a sobering discussion of democracy ensues. Travis brings a shitty, broken VHS tape of some personal significance and a sobering discussion of democracy ensues again. Kevin brings a hamburger head thing and nothing ensues. Oh and also we talk a lot of shit about Jim Carrey.

EPISODE 11: Nick Sahoyah

convo pic nick

Episode 11: Deep thoughts (calendar), dumb 80’s movie, tragic Nickelodeon lanyard 

Spesh guest Nick Sahoyah brings a lanyard from the tragic time he almost got to be on Nickelodeon. Kevin brings some Deep Thoughts (the kind by Jack Handy, not real ones)and Travis phones it in by bringing a VHS box of some dumb 80’s movie. Truth is lived and reflected.

Episode TEN!!! Ben Horak

convo p pic horak

Episode 10: Indy Mad Libs, Supersuit, disgusting mouth pics 

Has it really been TEN episodes of this fabulous podcasting adventure? Yep.

Travis brings Indiana Jones Mad Libs and it turns out that Mad Libs are still tons of fun, Kevin brings a futuristic super suit (NBD) and cartoonist—and creator of the CPP logo!—Ben Horak brings some horrifying photos of the inside of his mouth. Our faith in mankind is fully restored.

Episode NINE: Wilfred Padua

Convo pieces pic wilfred

Episode 9: Comedy “CD” and plastic burger, Star Wars figurines, old timey toy gun

Spesh guest Wilfred Padua brings an old comedy “CD” and a toy hamburger thingy. Kevin brings some unsurprising and yet still really cool tiny Star Wars figurines and Travis brings an old plastic Tommy gun with a secret past. Dreams are fulfilled, promises kept.


Episode EIGHT: Daniel Carroll

convo pieces pic dan

Episode 8: Crappy old 70’s books that Travis was named after, Seahawks Huddle doll, a friggin GUN

Kevin goes off brand and brings an item from the world of sports. Travis brings a stack of namesake 70’s Travis McGee books and special guest Dan Carroll brings a friggin honest to god real GUN. So basically he wins.

Episode SEVEN: Bettina McKelvey

convo pices pic bettina

Episode 7: Pop-its, Garbage Pail Kids, The Early Works of Bettina McKelvey

Kevin brings a bunch of disgusting Garbage Pail Kids cards/stickers and we’re all super shocked and appalled. Travis brings Pop-its and we fill the garage with the sound of adorable little explosions. Spesh guest Bettina McKelvey brings some classic works of fiction authored by a younger Bettina McKelvey. Everybody grows and learns.

Episode SIX: Allison Lizotte

CPP Allison

Episode 6: Bouncy ball, Cap’n Crunch VHS, another fucking ALF

The wonderful Allison Lizotte stops by with a Cap’n Crunch-themed indie movie VHS, Kevin brings another goddamn Alf and Travis brings a bouncy ball with personal significance. Nothing is ever the same again. And yet we are all the better for it in the end.