Episode TEN!!! Ben Horak

convo p pic horak

Episode 10: Indy Mad Libs, Supersuit, disgusting mouth pics 

Has it really been TEN episodes of this fabulous podcasting adventure? Yep.

Travis brings Indiana Jones Mad Libs and it turns out that Mad Libs are still tons of fun, Kevin brings a futuristic super suit (NBD) and cartoonist—and creator of the CPP logo!—Ben Horak brings some horrifying photos of the inside of his mouth. Our faith in mankind is fully restored.

Episode NINE: Wilfred Padua

Convo pieces pic wilfred

Episode 9: Comedy “CD” and plastic burger, Star Wars figurines, old timey toy gun

Spesh guest Wilfred Padua brings an old comedy “CD” and a toy hamburger thingy. Kevin brings some unsurprising and yet still really cool tiny Star Wars figurines and Travis brings an old plastic Tommy gun with a secret past. Dreams are fulfilled, promises kept.


Episode EIGHT: Daniel Carroll

convo pieces pic dan

Episode 8: Crappy old 70’s books that Travis was named after, Seahawks Huddle doll, a friggin GUN

Kevin goes off brand and brings an item from the world of sports. Travis brings a stack of namesake 70’s Travis McGee books and special guest Dan Carroll brings a friggin honest to god real GUN. So basically he wins.

Episode SEVEN: Bettina McKelvey

convo pices pic bettina

Episode 7: Pop-its, Garbage Pail Kids, The Early Works of Bettina McKelvey

Kevin brings a bunch of disgusting Garbage Pail Kids cards/stickers and we’re all super shocked and appalled. Travis brings Pop-its and we fill the garage with the sound of adorable little explosions. Spesh guest Bettina McKelvey brings some classic works of fiction authored by a younger Bettina McKelvey. Everybody grows and learns.

Episode SIX: Allison Lizotte

CPP Allison

Episode 6: Bouncy ball, Cap’n Crunch VHS, another fucking ALF

The wonderful Allison Lizotte stops by with a Cap’n Crunch-themed indie movie VHS, Kevin brings another goddamn Alf and Travis brings a bouncy ball with personal significance. Nothing is ever the same again. And yet we are all the better for it in the end.

Episode FIVE: Brett Hamil

Convo brett pic

Episode 5: Groo Comics, self-made basketball card, a Playdude 

Local political comedy rabble rouser Brett Hamil stops by with an old Basketball card he made of himself when he was a kid. It’s actually quite endearing. Kevin brings some dorky comic books and Travis brings a super cool, manly Playboy magazine.

Episode FOUR: Emmett Montgomery

convo pieces emmett pic

Episode 4: Humpty Hump glasses, haunted doll, Xiao Ping 

Our old friend and showbiz co-worker Emmett Montgomery comes by with a very specific AND INTERESTING pair of glasses. Kevin brings a puppet of some personal significance and Travis shows off some ancient, haunted dolls. We’re a real band of kooks for sure!

Episode THREE: Derek Sheen

Convo Sheen Pic

Episode 3: Fake hand, fuzzy nerd dice, father’s crime file

Our old pal (old in the sense that we’ve known him for a long time, not that he’s an old man, though that’s true also) Derek Sheen came by with a CD containing his father’s criminal file! Then he tells us some harrowing stories relating to that subject matter. Travis brings a gross, overworked prop hand and Kevin is a nerd. Did somebody say “Podcasting dynamite?” Oh right, it was me!

Episode TWO: El “Doctor” Sanchez

el sanch convo pic

Episode 2: Bunch of Dumb Books

This one’s a wicked literary, as Kevin, Travis and spesh guest El Sanchez share a Madballs joke book, an ancient–and super creepy–children’s reader and a…let’s say problematic cheesy 80’s romance novel, respectively. Plus El fills us in on the recent developments in their life–spoiler, it’s rhymes with “bregnancy”!