Episode #22: Devin Badoo

convo pieces devin pic

Episode #22: Stuffy old Russian book, gross fake head, home made Mogwai and other delights

Delightful actor and comedic type person Devin Badoo stops by the ol’ kill garage to share three very Devin-y items. One of them is a Gizmo doll that he made from scratch because of course he did. Kevin recycles an old item from a lost episode because it’s come to that and Travis brings a big, old book he found on the sidewalk that he’s never read. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. And don’t even get me started on the falcon.

Episode #21: David Schmader

convo pieces schmader

Episode #21: Wiki Stix, Bowling ball, HOLY CRAP IT’S DAVID SCHMADER

Bonafide Seattle LEGEND David Schmader gamely joins Kevin and Travis in the kill garage for some reason, bringing an item of interest that is kind of hard to describe in just a few words AND offering some inspirational words about dancing. Kevin and Travis bring stuff too but WHO CARES DAVID SCHMADER DID THE SHOW!! THAT’S NUTS!

Episode #20: The Deadbeat Film Society

dbfs pic

Episode #20: neato DIY music fliers, badass DIY death metal shirt, dumb old sketch prop 

Seattle Podcast Crossover Month concludes with a real barn burner! Kevin and Emily from the Deadbeat Film Society visit the kill garage for the first CP episode ever recorded with the garage door open! And a storm quickly descends, with rain and thunder and I think I saw a tornado. But the DBFS braves the weather by sharing some badass music regalia and Kevin (Clarke) brings a tired old comedy prop from the olden times of, like, 2011 or something. And a time to every purpose under heaven.

Episode #19: Ex Rated Movies Guys

CPP ex rated

Episode #19: Space Monster Book, Board Game Only for Girls, Big Bag of Mostly Fake Weapons 

In an unprecedented Seattle podcast crossover event, the gents from The Ex Rated Movies ‘Cast (Matt Fisher & Ryan Weadon) stop by the kill garage to talk about Archie Comix, semi-failed relationships and to share a big book of cool space monsters and a distressingly entertaining board game for little girls. Meanwhile, Kevin brings a bag of mostly fake weapons. Most of us come out of it better people.

Episode #18: Douglas Gale

convo pic doug

Episode #18: Drunken cat poster, tiny Travis fingerprints, David Letterman photo with wry comment 

Spesh guest Doug Gale drops by with a wry, autographed, auction-bought photo of THE David Letterson, Kevin brings a wrinkly old poster of a drunk cat and Travis brings his baby fingerprints because his parents thought they were taking up too much room at their house. This one is about the journey AND the destination.

Episode #17: Jason Dodson

convo pieces pic jason

Episode #17: Brick with four numbers on it, old comedy notepad with weird dick drawings, microphone with terrible stories that shouldn’t be told 

Travis brings an old microphone that leads to him reciting some deeply unflattering lyrics from his youth, Kevin brings a notepad of truly historical significance, and spesh guest Jason Dodson brings a brick. Not a brick of cocaine, just a regular brick. Our grandchildren will sing songs about this podcast episode.

Episode #16: DKLG

convo pieces pic DKLG

Episode #16: Horrifying kids’ book, ancient stupid trading cards and gum, wonderful delicious treats 

Travis brings an unopened pack of 30 year-old Robocop 2 trading cards and tragically attempts to eat the gum, Kevin brings an inappropriately disturbing kids’ book, and spesh guest Danielle K. L. Gregoire brings some TREATS (and other, less edible things) that instantly catapult her to the top of our Favorite Guests list. Later, we all become one in the singularity.

Episode #15: Matt Lynch

convo pieces pic matt

Episode 15: Europe trip bric a brac, chili fixins, celebrity endorsed ER dvd box

Art Zone’s resident movie whiz/malcontent Matt Lynch stops by to share a DVD box that’s been signed by a mega-watt celebrity, Travis brings some food that’s not ready to eat yet but still contains STORIES, while Kevin shares a king’s ransom in Euro-trip crapola. Bridges are crossed and souls are unburdened.

Episode #14: Dawn Cerny

Convo Pieces pic dawn

Episode 14: Crazy new age cult blanket, video game script written by children, homemade bowls

Our spesh guest, the amazing artist Dawn Cerny, brings a super weird blanket with a super weird history (hint: cults), Travis brings some rather personal glass bowls and Kevin brings a script for a food-related video game that he wrote when he was a child. You can’t make this stuff up. And if you could–why would you?

Episode #13: Jensen Ward

Convo Pieces Pic Jensen

Episode 13: Chick tract, scary baby-eating Dinosaur cards, giant wooden tooth of mystery

Spesh guest, metalhead Jensen Ward, brings a large wooden tooth with a surprise inside (a SEXY surprise!), Kevin brings some super fucked up Dinosaurs Attack trading cards and Travis brings a classic Chick Tract, which leads to us all converting to fundamentalist Christianity. It’s a real whirlwind!