Episode #34: ERIK BLOOD

erik blood con pic

Episode 34: Seattle musical history holy relic, freshly broken rice cooker, old photo album of sentimental crap

Super-producer and savior ERIK BLOOD stops by to share a holy relic of Seattle musical history! You won’t be surprised at all how quickly our discussion of said item devolves into a discussion of The X Files! Meanwhile, Kevin brings (and breaks) a rice cooker that he was going to give to Travis and Travis shows off a photo album full of old sentimental junk! Whirlwinds are reaped! Wild oats are sowed!

Episode #33: Jake Stratton

jake pic

Episode #33: upsetting bodybuilder trophy, crappy secondhand toys, Superhero satire book from days past

Spesh guest Jake Stratton (3-2-1 BATTLE!) stops by to share some wrestling lore and a gross/sexy bodybuilding trophy. Kevin brings an antique superhero satire book and Travis scrambles for anything and ends up settling on a toy giraffe and a music box, both of which he bought at Goodwill in the last two months. Meanwhile, everyone bonds over their shared love of legendary wrestlers Randy Randy and the Ultimate Wrestler. Tis’ a consummation devoutly to be wished!

Episode #32: Corey J Brewer

corey picture cpp

Episode #32: Self-made novelty football enthusiasm shirt, possibly important mix CD, HARD BOOZE

Super spesh guest (and composer of our theme song!!) Corey J Brewer stops by with a found mix CD that MIGHT have once belonged to a legendary dead person. Meanwhile, during the same show, Kevin shares a shirt that he draws on every February FOR REASONS EXPLAINED ON THE SHOW. Travis, clearly undergoing a crisis, brings a decanter that just so happens to contain booze, which everybody drinks and shit gets nuts. To a socially acceptable degree.

Episode #31: Jana Hutchison

jana pic cpp

Episode #31: bag of hurtful/pleasurable medical devices, sick fuckin axe, framed photograph of a can of Dr. Pepper 

Our friend and comedy co-worker Jana “Hutch” Hutchison stops by with a big ol’ bag of medical equipment, some of which hurts us. Travis brings his sick new axe (that’s what awesome people call a guitar) and Kevin brings a baffling and inexplicable piece of framed art. He then tries and fails to explic it. It’s like an adventure of the mind and soul, but more fun.

Episode #30! Carina Simmons

carina pic

Episode THIRTY!! Awesome fucking power drill, golf clubs/hat ensemble, fine art/med book/expensive and unpopular candy

Amazing artist/animator Carina Simmons stops by to shower us with gifts! Among these gifts is a ten dollar candy bar! Less exciting than candy, Kevin brings a set of sentimental golf clubs and and old man hat. Travis brings a drill, which he proceeds to use to drill holes into the podcasting table. And he wasn’t even drunk! It’s a can’t miss.



Episode #29: Celene Ramadan RETURNS!!!!

celene 2 pic

Episode #29: broke down computer with tantalizing files, big dumb movie poster, super lame nutcracker 

The amazing Celene (Prom Queen/Leeni/Snax) Ramadan becomes the first return guest as we meditate and ruminate over the New Year’s resolutions we made together last year. Plus, Leeni brings a broken computer, Kevin brings a big dumb poster and Travis brings a nutcracker and discusses his embarrassing childhood obsession with nutcrackers. It’s the first and only genuine Christmas miracle that’s ever happened!

Episode #28: Marc Palm

marc pic

Episode twenty eight: Detroit public access VHS, adorable childhood writings, Louis CK dartboard

We’re back, baby! Fresh from his legendary lost appearance on one of our BURGLARIZED EPISODES, cartoonist/drawer Marc Palm is (also) back to talk about his recent viral fame illustrating for Mad Magazine and to share a nigh-irreplaceable videotape of some significance. Meanwhile, Travis brings his recently-acquired dartboard with Louis CK’s face on it (not really but close) and Kevin brings some adorable writings from his childhood! And, for the first time in months, NOTHING GOES WRONG! Here’s hoping the streak will continue, but it seems doubtful.

Episode #27: Christan Leonard

christan CP pic

Episode #27: Poster, camera, vagina costume, frustration 

Our fabulous streak of difficulties continues! But this week it’s back to good ol’ technical difficulties rather than the criminal kind, as we reel from losing yet another entire episode! Fortunately, super spesh guest Christan Leonard was kind enough to stick around so we could record this half episode to discuss the disaster while it was still fresh. ALSO we discuss the amazing handmade vagina costume that Christan wears throughout. It’s filled with pathos AND we discover the dual meanings of the term “souping.” Spoiler! Both are gross.


travis kevin post rob

Episode #26: Stick that caused robbery of Travis’ home including laptop containing podcast episodes, Yoda

Hey folks! Sorry for the absence, but Travis’ home was robbed and the creep(s) stole his podcasts! But after some regrouping, we borrowed Sophie’s (Kevin’s girlfriend) laptop and have begun picking up the pieces and soldiering on. No spesh guest on this episode, as we discuss THE BURGLARY for a little while, the two awesome ‘casts that are now lost for the ages, and then STAR WARS, because of course.

Episode #25 RHIAS HALL

convo pieces pic rhias

Episode #25: Real living dog, lobotomy rods, sparkling white wine, technical problems, season 2 begins

It’s the first episode of SEASON 2 of the show! And what better way to start a new year than with TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES! That’s right, the ol’ laptop took a shit on this one, so this episode kinda sounds weird—though still listenable! And listen you should, because our tremendous spesh guest Rhias Hall is great and she brought a suitably goth item to share! Meanwhile, Kevin brought a dog and Travis brought some booze, which is appropriate because booze is Travis’ best friend. It’s funny AND it’s sad! But this episode is just funny. Enjoy!